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Reading out loud: Will Eaves and The Absent Therapist

absent therapist

As you well know, we here at Nothing in the Rulebook are quite partial to the Goldsmith Prize shortlisted novel, The Absent Therapist, by Will Eaves. Not only is it one for any essential reading list, and makes for a great literary stocking filler, it also lends itself to performance in a way that many books simply don’t.

This is in no doubt partly down to the variety of the novel – the different perspectives and voices, characters and ideas held within its pages. We’ve already put together a short list of some of our favourite extracts, but what better way to appreciate a work of writing of this nature than harking back to the aural origins of storytellings?

At a recent event at Vout-O-Renee’s, Eaves performed (it truly is a performance) a fantastic 45-minute reading of excerpts from The Absent Therapist.

You can watch a short video clip of the reading here below:

Now, if that’s peaked your literary curiosity, then we have a great tip, just for you. Will Eaves will be delivering another animated reading at Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace, on Thursday 24 November.

We speak from experience when we say this is an opportunity not to be missed. And if the 24 November seems far too long away, then you can always purchase the book itself.

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