Rulebook Readings: Lockdown Lit

Nothing in the Rulebook presents:

Rulebook Readings: Lockdown Lit

With roughly one third of the world’s population currently under some form of lockdown measures to help fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Nothing in the Rulebook are launching a new video anthology project to bring artists, writers, and other creative people together, sharing stories and ideas about life under coronavirus lockdown.

The project is rooted in NITRB’s founding ethos of bringing together creative people and supporting and promoting them. As NITRB’s own Ellen Lavelle explains:

“One of the best things about being part of the Nothing in the Rulebook community is having the chance to meet people doing crazy-creative things, even when we only speak over email or Skype. With everyone now relying on the power of technology to unite and protect, NITRB has a unique opportunity – nay, obligation – to bring contributors, readers and supporters together to create something good in a world gone weird.”

Send in your videos

Nothing in the Rulebook invite you to take part in our ‘Rulebook Readings: Lockdown Lit’ series. We’re asking creative people to send us videos about their lives on lockdown. You could provide insight into the pandemic where you are, give us your observations about working from home, or read us something you’ve written – a short story, essay or poem – inspired by this unprecedented global event.

We’re going to upload the videos individually to the NITRB YouTube channel and create a dedicated playlist, allowing viewers to cycle through each short clip (ideally 90 seconds – 5 minutes in length) and disappear down a creative YouTube wormhole: a friendly refuge in a fraught online world.

Those interested in getting involved with this creative video anthology should do the following:

  • Record your clip! Aim for between 90 seconds – 5 minutes in length. If you’ve got a camera & recording equipment; bonus, but don’t worry if it’s just you and your laptop’s webcam. We care about your words and ideas more than anything.
  • Edit and re-record your clip! Make sure you’re happy with the content you’re submitting – if it takes a few attempts to get it just right, then that’s just how many it takes.
  • Upload your video to a trusted file-hosting service, like Dropbox or WeTransfer and send us a link, via email, to or
  • In the email, please include a short bio for yourself, as well as any links to personal websites/social media profiles that you have – we’d love to shout about how great you are. If you’d like to be featured in our ‘launch’ story, please also submit a short quote (a couple of sentences is fine) on why you’re getting involved and how you’re trying to keep connected in times of uncertainty.

To be featured in our official launch story, the deadline for submissions is Friday 17th April.

Videos submitted after this date can still be included in the playlist; which will run ‘live’ as a curated anthology over the course of the lockdown.

Track the progress of the project by following us on Twitter (@NITRB_Tweets) and liking us on Facebook. We’d love you to spread the word, using the hashtag #LockdownLit

Need inspiration? NITRB’s own Sam Dodson and Ellen Lavelle have kicked things off with their own clips – you can view them below:

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