Competitions and projects

As part of our core mission, Nothing in the Rulebook aims to provide opportunities for all aspiring creatives to see their work published and promoted. For example, in 2017 we ran our ‘Haikus for the NHS‘ poetry competition, which was followed in 2018 by our ‘Donald Trump’ poetic flash mob at the London protest against Donald Trump.

We also look to highlight opportunities for writers and artists to get involved with other competitions from around the world – and since we launched have provided a variety of ‘compendium-style’ articles that include details, links, word counts, entry fees and deadlines of writing contests that are open to all. Look out for these – such as the 2019 writing competitions list – on our site.

Keep your eye out for information about projects and competitions we are running or supporting – and, of course, if you have an idea for a project you’d like others to get involved with, get in touch and we’ll see if we can help promote and support you to deliver your project!

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