The Rulebook

Our manifesto serves as a public declaration of what we believe in. Each of us, in our private hearts, carries our own manifestos, our own lists of the things we will and will not do. Ours is by no means exhaustive; creativity, by its nature, is infinite. And, as such, any true creative manifesto can never really ‘end’. Yet we hope the points below can be used as guidelines, an introduction to the way we work and how we think.

  1. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Writing isn’t just about expression and creativity; it’s about freedom. It’s hard work and it hurts some times but more than anything it’s less to do with pain; and more to do with beauty.
  2. There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter, then go on the internet and look at quotes from Hemingway.
  3. We’re about helping you find the books you want to read that haven’t been written yet (and supporting you as you write them).
  4. We publish fiction, of course we do. But we also publish literary non-fiction, journalism, commentary, poetry and comedy, essays and translations. We’d publish a twenty-thousand page thesis on the cultural impact of ankle socks if it’s written well. Go wild. Go wherever your thoughts take you.
  5. We’ll always be looking to add more strings to our bow including interviews, columns, podcasts, reviews, and features on literature, arts and culture. Who knows? Maybe there’s even a TV channel or a movie in the pipeline (who are we kidding? There’s always a movie in the pipeline).
  6. We’re a community. An open platform for people who are curious about writing; people who want to have their work read by a group of like-minded people, and who want to help other creatives realise their ambitions.
  7. We’re campaigners: our objective is to get more people writing, more people writing regularly, and more people sharing their work. Adventure is out there.

These aren’t commandments; they’re not written in stone. Rather, they are simply the arrangement of data on a virtual sheet. Let us know what you think. Do you think all we care about are giraffes playing football? Get in touch here.


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