Sci-fi comic ‘Symbolism Rewired’ – available for only £1.50

Nothing in the Rulebook's own Joshua Spiller publishes new sci-fi comic
Comic book fans keen to discover some fresh stories and new talent are in for a treat, as news drops that you can now pick up ‘Symbolism Rewired’ for just £1.50

‘Symbolism Rewired’ is a 21-page, self-contained comic-book story, written by NITRB’s own Joshua Spiller… illustrated by artiste extraordinaire Roland Bird… and lettered by the being known only and mysteriously Bolt-01. And it’s currently available for only £1.50.

Here’s the synopsis

“Silence… silence and poetry fills my thoughts…”

From a deeply surreal and disturbing dream, a woman awakes in a strange sleeping pod, in a disconcertingly deserted laboratory. She has no idea who she is. And even her own mind now feels alien to her…

Set in a faintly estranging London of the not-too-distant future, ‘Symbolism Rewired‘ is a cerebral and grounded piece of sci-fi, that both explores how symbolism may be at the root of human consciousness, and operates as a kind of low-key biography of a fictional future human being.

The comic was originally published by the co-creator of V for Vendetta, David Lloyd, in his award-winning anthology, Aces Weekly.

Be a darling – check it out here:

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