Writers in lockdown: #LockdownLit series draws to a close

Writers Miranda Roszkowski, Catherine Noske, and Neil Sparkes close Nothing in the Rulebook’s ‘Lockdown Lit’ series

After well over 100 days of coronavirus-imposed restrictions, countries around the world are gradually emerging from ‘lockdown’.

Throughout the lockdown period, the Nothing in the Rulebook community has come together as part of its ‘Rulebook readings: lockdown lit’ series, which saw award-winning, best-selling and acclaimed writers, artists and musicians share their stories of lockdown alongside emerging creatives.

With the end of the ‘first wave’ of coronavirus lockdown in sight, the #lockdownlit series will now end with submissions from Miranda Roszkowski, Catherine Noske, and Neil Sparkes.

Speaking about her submission to the Rulebook readings series, Roszkowski, the editor of ‘100 voices’, a collection of stories by women writers all about finding their voice, said:

“I’m loving Lockdown Lit and chuffed to be a part of this community. It’s been inspiring and fantastic for seeing what other writers and artists have been up to, and has also challenged me to get to work!”

Reflecting on the final edition of the first lockdown lit series, NITRB co-founder, Professor Wu, said: “Nothing shines a light on the importance of creativity than a global crisis. Writing, art, music and all other art forms can help us make sense of the world around us, channel our emotions, and express ideas about challenging, unprecedented events in ways that are so accessible and inspiring. And, through #lockdownlit, it has been genuinely inspiring to connect with and hear the stories of artists and writers from around the world.”

But as well as discovering new and beautiful pieces of creative work, this entire project has been about connection; and bringing different people together into a conversation at a time when it’s easy to feel cut-off from other people and more isolated. If nothing else, we hope that this project has helped bring us all a little closer together.”

NITRB Editor, Ellen Lavelle, meanwhile, said: “I’m delighted by the way the project came together. I think it’s quite common for creative people to be perfectionists – I know there’s often a lot of over-planning in my life and I waste time trying to find the perfect conditions to create something. During this pandemic, the conditions have been far from perfect for anyone, so to have created something like #lockdownlit, which exists precisely because things are far from ideal right now, feels really liberating. Thanks so much to the people involved – those that have sent in videos, those that have watched them. It’s been really great to hear from everyone.”

Check out the latest videos below and find out more about the creative folk behind them…

Miranda Roszkowski is a writer and civil servant currently living on a boat somewhere on Britain’s waterways. She is currently crowdfunding for her book, ‘100 Voices’ – a collection of stories by women writers all about finding their voice. 100 voices is being crowdfunded through award-winning publishers, Unbound, with contributions by award winning writers like Yvonne Battle-Felton, Sabrina Mahfouz and 98 others that you’ll soon know the name of. You can pledge to support Miranda’s book here –
Catherine Noske is a writer and academic, currently teaching Creative Writing at the University of Western Australia, and the editor of Westerly Magazine. Her short fiction and poetry have been published in Australia and overseas, and her novel ‘The Salt Madonna’ has just been released with Picador (2020). Here, from her home in Australia, she reads from the beginning of the novel as part of Nothing in the Rulebook’s Lockdown Lit series. The Salt Madonna can be ordered here through Pan Macmillan Australia:
Neil Sparkes is a poet, musician and visual artist. Sparkes forthcoming collection of poetry “Xerox Sonnets & X-Ray Blues” is published by Hesterglock Press in Spring 2020. Sparkes’ work includes several collections of poetry published by Billy Childish. His poetry has been published widely in magazines and anthologies. Neil has worked around the globe as a Vocalist, Percussionist and Producer; founder member of World music pioneers Temple of Sound and former member of Indie dance group Transglobal Underground. He has worked with Peter Gabriel, The Stranglers & Jah Wobble amongst many others. Sparkes’ artwork has been exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. 

Do check out all the Rulebook Reading videos that have been submitted by writers, artists and musicians from around the world through the Lockdown Lit  Youtube playlist; and join in the conversation by following us on Twitter (@NITRB_Tweets) and liking us on Facebook, and using the hashtag #LockdownLit!

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