The Woman in the Water

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From the creative minds of Bath-based writers Sheila and Will Barton, and published by Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher, comes The Woman in the Water

Bath, 1761
Lizzie Yeo has not had an easy life…

Sent into service by her dominating father, she ends up pregnant and rejected by society.
When the baby tragically dies, her Aunt Mary secures her a job as a wet nurse, working for her own boss, the vicar Jonathan Harding.

Having lost his wife Jane, he needs someone to take care of his son.

At first things look to be going well for Lizzie, but when George is sent off to school, she finds herself without work.

But Harding helps her secure a job with the local apothecary, Mr. Leslie, delivering the curing waters of Bath to invalids.

Lizzie is smart and hardworking, and it’s not long before the Leslies offer her a room in their house, meaning she can finally escape the horrors of Avon Street once and for all.

But when a body shows up in the river, she can’t help but notice that her friend Nancy has also disappeared.

Determined to find answers, Lizzie sets out to find her friend, but she cannot shake the feeling that someone is watching her.

After Lizzie is attacked in the street one night and then finds herself caught in a deadly house fire, it’s clear that someone wants her gone.
But who?

And is it all connected to The Woman in the Water?
Praise for Will & Sheila Barton
“A terrific whodunnit, drawing the reader deep into the secrets of Bath in its glory days. And in Jonathan Harding and Lizzie Yeo, there are two new stars in the world of detectives” – Stewart Harcout, screenwriter of Poirot and Maigret
The Woman in the Water is now available on Amazon: 
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