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New Honeyboys song, ‘Green Tea’, will make you think twice about ordering coffee

California-based band, Honeyboys, return with "absolutely killer" new track, 'Green Tea', writes Professor Wu
California based band, Honeyboys – interviewed by Nothing in the Rulebook here

After a recent hiatus, Honeyboys return with their new single “Green Tea”, a song that both looks to the past and future in its influences. Combining layers of jangly guitar strums with pulsating bass and a driving drum machine, the track has features of the soundtrack to a blockbuster 80’s movie. While the music soars, the lyrics remain intimate, detailing the differences in compatibility between two lovers. 

Listen to “Green Tea” on Soundcloud HERE or on Spotify HERE

Green Tea is influenced by artists such as Dayglow, Coldplay, and Bickle. With its upbeat tempo and soaring/emotional vocals, it’s a song that you can either relax to or move your hips and dance. The hookiest part occurs first at :54 (“She drinks coffee, I like Green Tea) and then it explodes into a rousing synthpop anthem.

Nothing in the Rulebook’s own Professor Wu was lucky enough to listen to the preview of Green Tea before it officially dropped. Upon listening to the track, he said:

“The Honeyboys remain as sweet as honey with this absolutely killer new track, featuring 100% good vibes. It’s upbeat tempo and all round funky-ness will bring many listeners back to heady days of youth taking road trips to the beach. After what has been a difficult couple of years for many, this is exactly the sort of song we need right now.”

The band has been developing their live sound performing at college house parties and venues around San Luis Obispo and plan on making their way down the coast of California.

The single is one of the twelve tracks that will appear on their upcoming album set to release early next year.

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