NITRB’s own Joshua Spiller publishes new sci-fi adventure comic, ‘Time Fracture!’

Spiller's latest comedy space-opera thrill-packed adventure is available for just £1.50

Time Fracture! is a newly released, 21-page, self-contained story written by NITRB’s very own Joshua Spiller. It’s a comedy space-opera thrill-packed adventure – just the ticket if you’re looking to escape the relentless sordidness of modern existence.

So, what’s the gist?

Highly intelligent robot A.E.X has gone rogue. Now, its creator – Orissa, a set designer for VR theatre – and her suavely cute anthropomorphic accomplice, Piedmont, will track the alarmingly paranoid machine down. But, unbeknownst to them, its bizarre experiment with aesthetics is about to reshape all of space and time…

Careening across multiple wondrous worlds, this is a zippy and zany space-opera adventure packed with humour and good ol’, larger-than-life, mind-bending comic-book ideas.

How to check it out

The story was originally published in the award-winning anthology, Aces Weekly.

And as it’s a digital comic, it can be downloaded straight to your computer, tablet, or phone – and even read in hi-def glory on your TV.

Check it out – it’s how all the cool kids are whiling away their brief mortal spans:

You can follow Joshua Spiller on Twitter @JoshSpiller and on

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