Princess Diana murdered by time travellers, according to new book

New conspiracy thriller, 'Million Eyes' by C. R. Berry, comments on the startling amounts of power that big technology companies have over our lives.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered by time travellers. That’s according to an exciting new conspiracy thriller just released today (9 March) in paperback.

The new book, called Million Eyes and written by conspiracy fiction author C.R. Berry, is set in a world where time travel has secretly been invented by a huge global conglomerate. Two characters, an ex-history teacher and a university graduate, team up to find out what’s going on. They learn that several big events in our history weren’t supposed to happen. These include the suspicious shooting of King William II in 1100, the still-unexplained disappearance of the Princes in the Tower in 1483, and the untimely car crash that killed Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997.

The book comments on the startling amounts of power that big technology companies have over our lives. It also addresses the significance of the monarchy in Britain.

“It’s a book aimed at people who love conspiracy theories, Dan Brown and Doctor Who,” says Berry. “Even though the book is fictional, it stays true to many of the real-life events it incorporates and explains ‘what really happened’—such as the involvement in Diana’s death of the still mysterious Fiat Uno that was never traced.”

Berry acknowledges that including an event so fresh in people’s minds was a risky move. “I knew from the get-go that including Diana might be controversial, particularly in a sci-fi context. Indeed, while the reviews of Million Eyes have so far been really positive, one reviewer said she was uncomfortable that Diana was in it, having conversations with other characters, and that there are scenes of the crash itself. However, people have been incorporating real-life tragedies into fiction for centuries. Look at how many books, movies and TV series have been made about 9/11.”

Million Eyes is published by Elsewhen Press and available both as an ebook and a paperback directly from the publisher. Reviewers have called it “shocking”, “tense” and “addictive”, with a “deliciously dark vein of humour”. Berry will be signing copies and talking about the book at Waterstones in Farnham, Surrey, on Friday 13th March at 7pm.

Also available is a collection of short stories called Million Eyes: Extra Time. This contains new and previously published stories that introduce readers to the Million Eyes universe and cleverly interweave JFK, Paul McCartney, Queen Elizabeth I and the Loch Ness Monster. This can be downloaded for free from Elsewhen Press.


  1. I had a dream lastnight i was sat in a crowed auditorium/cinema and princess Diana walked in with a entourage and i told her i needed to talk to her and then im in a room surrounded by bodyguards and she finally lets me tell her im from the future and i warn her not to get in that car……so i research and come across this website


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