Poking Books

3 books, 2 hosts and 1 mystery author, Poking Books is the new literary guessing game podcast

Mark has a habit of bringing authors back to meet his housemate Ellie. But instead of letting them talk about their book, he’ll ask the author to talk about 3 books which influenced said book – Ellie has to guess what the author’s books is actually about. And it could be any kind of book, from literary tome to graphic novel or even a novelty stocking-filler book.

Presented by Greenwich and Docklands International Festival producer, Ellie Harris, and filmmaker / ‘The Boy Who Stole Time’ author Mark Bowsher, Poking Books turns book podcasts on their head by starting with the author rather than their book. As well as talking about the 3 books which have influenced their own book, all Ellie has to go on are a few random facts about the author (such as them once having had a hair with 50 splits which they kept in a matchbox, that they have a cat called Chekhov or that they are allegedly the only person who has ever drunk Um Bongo in the Congo).

The podcast started because co-host Mark Bowsher realised that as an author he was being asked the same questions over and over again. With his work as a filmmaker he’d often interview authors and find there were more interesting questions to ask. And most of all, it became clear that people’s influences weren’t always as obvious as people might expect.

Poking Books is a fun, often irreverent look at all manner of books, featuring authors from all backgrounds which will keep listeners guessing until the end.

Listen to the podcast and find out more via all usual channels via the links below:

Soundcloud –

Instagram: @pokingbooks

Twitter: @pokingbooks 


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