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The best-selling books of 2016

best selling books 2016.png

There has been much debate in recent years regarding the future of bookselling, and whether the online retail industry can – or will – replace traditional bricks and mortar bookstores you find on the physical high street.

While we can’t yet answer this question, we can tell you a little about the ways in which readers are using these outlets, and what books they are purchasing from them.

We still await data on what books sold the most copies across traditional bookstores, but Amazon has now released its list of the best-selling books for 2016.

“This year’s best-selling list showcases the variety of Amazon readers’ tastes, from literary fiction to thrillers to memoirs,” said Chris Schluep, Amazon senior book editor, in a press release. “The power of Potter is still strong, and readers of all ages can’t get enough of Hogwarts – ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’was the most anticipated book of the year, breaking pre-order records months before its release.”

The full list is here below, with links to Goodreads for your convenience.


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