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Hesterglock Press seeks poetry

Revolutionary poetry publishers Hesterglock Press is seeking submissions of collected poetry for publication next year.

The press, run by Sarer Scotthorne and Paul Hawkins, is looking for formally interesting, experiment poetry and ain’t hot on modern lyric poetry, emotive confessionalism or “vague discussions of love, life and poetic craft” (there goes my teenage diary).

However, Hesterglock Press are very to keen to hear from poest who’ve written:

  • Work which interprets ‘revolution’ from a women’s/ feminist perspective
  • Work from black women and other women of colour
  • Work from poets and writers of all genders, sexual orientations and dis/abilities

Hesterglock don’t want to read neoliberal capitalism, homophobia, transphobia, racism or misogyny (and if that’s your jam, why do you enjoy reading this blog – do you just love echidnas and chinese salamanders?)

Find out more about how to submit here.


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