Guardian columnist Owen Jones speaks at union publishing event

We spend most of our time at Nothing in the Rulebook telling you all about what’s inside books and the people who put that in there. But what about the people who actually put the books together? So Professor Wu and Billy Echidna can paw through them with great relish!

Bookmachine, a global community for everyone in and around book publishing, are hosting an event this evening in central London exploring pay and conditions in the UK publishing industry.

Guardian columnist and political activist Owen Jones will be keynote speaker at United, We Publish, an evening of workshops at St Bride’s Foundation, Fleet Street.

From the home of Britain’s print trade, Jones will be joined by Simon Dubbins, International Director of Unite the Union and Michelle Stanistreet, the first woman in history to be elected general secretary of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

The event will be chaired by Gareth Lowe, chair of Unite’s national publishing and media branch and a publishing programme manager at DK. Speakers will also take questions from the audience.

Laura Summers, co-founder of BookMachine, a community of over 5,000 subscribers, said: “Feedback from last year’s Unite/BookMachine workshop was great. The most popular topic was Pay and conditions. Our role is to listen to this, and facilitate the discussion – it has been a pleasure working with Unite again and we are delighted to have such highly-regarded speakers on the panel discussing this important issue.”

Louisa Bull, Unite’s lead officer for publishing said: “Employers in publishing have different attitudes to pay and reward schemes and Unite are keen to promote the merits of collective pay bargaining for our UK members. Many of the employers we deal with in this sector have different pay systems across Europe and we are keen in this panel debate the understand the merits of them all.”

For more information and to buy tickets, follow the link

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