#Blink! A new Twitter contest for writers

Writers! Twitterers! Creatives! Social Media Gurus! There’s a new competition just for you.

The fabulous literary publisher and resource for writers, Tethered By Letters, has launched a new Twitter contest.

If you think you can tell a story in 140 characters or fewer, TBL want to hear from you!

Every two weeks, an acclaimed judge will choose the winning story. The winner will receive a free digital copy of F(r)iction, and potential publication of the Tweet in a future issue of F(r)iction.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it! Tweet your tiny narratives using the hashtag #BlinkTBL, and be sure to check the @TethrdByLettrs and @FrictionSeries Twitter pages for start dates, deadlines, and judging info!


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