Love, Simply


A spring-time, fresh-faced joy.

One of life’s wonders has appeared and is

Here to stay.

It comes in teardrops, or in smiles.

In a gale of laughter, or a quiet giggle.

In a hug, a sigh or nervous chatter.

Or an argument so furious your heart aches.

Some don’t believe in fairies but

We know this one exists.

Borne on filigree wings

Of conversation and affinity,

It sneaks into hearts and minds.

The only trace, the only echo left is love.

Touching humanity with intangible fingers,

Unveiling clouded eyes so that they may

See the decades which await them;

Abundant in unpicked experienced, ready to be cherished


The milestones are your own,

You are the Wayfinders on this journey.

Remember each breath you take,

For the sensations change every day.

It wears different and beautiful faces,

This thing we share;

Love, simply.

About the poet

Hannah Fairney Jeans was constantly imagining as a young child. These ‘imaginings’ were brought to life by her favourite toy; her type-writer. Now, twenty years on, Hannah is still penning stories, still consumed by her worlds, and still in love with creation, and her type-writer.

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